Your Masajid on Ummah Konnnect

Connect with Your Congregation and the Wider Muslim Community Across Multiple Channels with Your Feature Rich Ummah Konnnect Profile

Contact Channels

All your contact channels, including chat in one place

Prayer Times

Your complete annual prayer times with Friday prayer details

Smart Notification

Send notification to your congregation or brodadcast to the Muslim community across the UK

Notices & Events Panel

Keep your congregation informed of the latest news & events thru the Events & News Panel

Access Beyond Your Community

Get the word out to the Muslim Community across the UK with the Promoted Panel feature

Advertise Income

Use the 'Recommendation' panel to promote local Muslim businesses to earn advertising revenue

You are in Control

Update your profile any time with the Management Panel

Getting Started

Contact us to create your profile
We'll create your profile and train you how to manage it

Up Coming Features


Simpler and cheaper than paper based form


Let your congregation vote on matters from their mobile

Car Park

Manage your car park

Live Streaming

Live stream events

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